Discover Your "Must Have" Handmade Soap This Summer

Discover Your "Must Have" Handmade Soap This Summer

Hot bodies, relaxing baths and showers. Summer sunshine means you should think again about your handmade soap choice and find the "Must Have" soap that will save your skin this summer. The choice is huge but every essential oil that soap maker's add has a purpose and benefit for your skin.

If your summer is spent in the kitchen and at the barbeque, handling tasty burgers, choose a handmade soap that has essential oils with antiseptic properties to keep handy by the sink. My personal preference is Lemon, it's essence has been trusted as a purifier for centuries and has fantastic cleansing properties, including nutralising unwanted smells from the kitchen and your hands.

Any soap with added Tea Tree essential oil is also a good antiseptic, and is excellent at keeping pesky insects at bay as the Tea Tree oil is a repellent. It's the natural soap choice for gardeners, hikers or walkers.

Sunbathing has always been a big part of summer too, but whether your tan is real or fake, the best way to make the most of it is by using a handmade soap with inbuilt exfoliation such as poppy seeds or Sea salt. Scrubbing away dead skin cells will allow your fake tan lotion to flow more smoothly and look brighter on your skin. Exfoliation boosts real tans too by helping you to tan deeply at a safer level beneath your usual protective sunscreen. Your skin will feel gorgeous and extra smooth, it'll even stay tanned for longer.

Heat, sun and swimming can be incredibly drying for fine skin, so before applying moisturiser start with a handmade soap that replenishes and hydrates. There are some wonderful natural plant based moisturising cleansers, look for Coconut, Olive oil and Shea butter in your soap. These are soothing and add a layer of moisturising protection that is essential for preventing and diminishing wrinkles or age spots. Skin has an affinity with these natural products, they're often absorbed quicker and are more active in skin nourishment.

Everybody wants to feel and smell fresh in the summer in spite of the heat or humidity. This is one of the many reasons handmade soap wins again and again over synthetic, mass produced soaps whose scent disappears quickly after washing. The quality and concentration of fragrance and essential oils in good handmade soaps makes a big difference. You'll feel their freshness and fragrance linger on your clean skin all day.

Handmade soap is the important first step to enjoying smooth, soft and supple skin this summer. Choose a soap to suit your lifestyle as well as your skin and you can stop worrying and really start having fun in the sun.

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