Help Children to Love Bath Time With Handmade Soap

Ever wish there was an easy way to help your children love bath time? It may be simpler than you think to convert them from bath devils to bath time angels. Often the reason for their dislike is not simply the water or splashing, but the products you use on them. Even though the labels claim products to be child safe the cleansers are manufactured fromcheap bulk chemicals which can have an irritating effecton some young eyes and skin.

How To ChooseACalmingCleanser

First check your cleanser, if it's packed with syntheticingredients you may want to consider changing. One of the best cleansers for children is handmade soap*,soap makers craft itfrom traditional soap bases that are thoroughly tested to be soothing and safe. Added essential oils are equally important as they can calm gentle young skin and make bathing a happy pleasant time.

Children's skin is incredibly delicate, so choose mild cleansers and essential oils like Chamomile, or calming rose. For children who have trouble sleeping a mild lavender soap is a good alternative and if possible choose SLS free soap or even organic for the most sensitive children.

Wash Your Way To Fun

The best way to washa youngchild is to use your hands, they are calming and an ideal way to cleanse their soft skin with the mildest application they need. If using handmade soap*, simply lather in wet hands, if the lather is too plentiful add water to dilute before smoothing over young skin. While you're washing, encourage your child to play with bath toys or even the soap.

Many Handmade soaps are made with natural,colourful embedded shapes or are made in fun designs which make them attractive to children. They are also usually longer lasting so they can sit in the water forplayas long as they're needed.

The more fun children have in their bath, the more eagerthey'll be to have one.

Above all go slow with a child who doesn't like bathing, ifthey want to stand first, let them. They'll soon want to sit and play with their toys. To help things along sing a nursery rhyme or talk about something they like to do, you could even think of a story to tell them to take their attention away from the bath. A child's imagination is a powerful toolfor overcomingsome reluctancewith bathing.

Justmake washing gentler and more fun.Your children will start to enjoy themselves and look forward to happy bath times.

*Only Pure-Light Handmade Soap with the advise ""Suitable for Use with Small Children" should be used with children under 7.

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