Handmade Soap Gifts, Save Money and Give Gifts Everyone Loves

Whether you are an old pro at making handmade soap or handmade soap gifts or have never made a bar of soap in your life, consider trying the craft when it comes time to give special presents. It's simple and really affordable to make extra special birthday gifts, or christmas gifts. You'll find handmade soap is a wonderful gift for any occasion, and the ingredients needed are readily available. Soap gifts are always appreciated when the soap is handmade specially for the recipient.

Making Handmade Soap
When you make your own soap, you not only get a sense of personal satisfaction but you also get to control the ingredients used in your product. This makes it easy to customize the soap for your family and friends.
You can purchase soapmaking supplies at your local craft store or even online. There are different kinds of soap you can make, but for beginners melt and pour is recommended. This involves melting a soap base, adding your own ingredients,then pouring it into a soap mould. The variety of molds available is quite wide now, from pretty decorative ones to ones made for large bars, so it should be easy to find a mould you like.

There are two basic types of base soap to consider for your handmade soap project. The Castille type of soap is sometimes clear, sometimes opaque, and is very gentle to the skin. It is usually sold in liquid or bar form and should be unscented. Glycerin soap is clear and is also very gentle. When it comes to skin types, consider castille or an SLS free base for hyper sensitive and glycerin for normal skin types and oily or acne prone skin.

Once you've melted your soap base over low heat, you can add all kinds of different things to make your soap gifts special. For the holidays, you might add botanical ingredients such as Lavender or Calendula. You could even create a Christmas pudding soap using sweet orange essential oil and cosmetic coloring mixed with white base soap. If the person for whom you are making the soap has a particular skin type add a sympathetic essential oil, or if they have a favorite fragrance, include a few drops in the form of soap fragrance oil or essential oil.

Soap Gifts
Making handmade soap for Christmas is fun, but why limit yourself? Try it for birthdays, house warmings and other events.

Even if soap making isn't for you handmade soap is an inexpensive gift everyone loves. Buy a few bars of handmade soap and make them look expensive with a pretty presentation for your gift. Wrap your soap in clear cellophane, rafia or pretty tulle, tied with a coordinating ribbon for an elegant touch. You may even want to put together a personalized spa gift basket which includes handmade soap for an extra special gift. Before you know it, your friends and family will be begging you for more soap!

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