New Year, New You Improvements That Work

New Year, NewYou is a great philosophy to feel great and improve your health, helping you to beat those winter blues after all the high spirits of Christmas. Although sometimes resolutions such as going to the Gym or quitting smoking aren't always easy to maintain, when that happens it's usually because the changes are too dramatic and don't fit in with your lifestyle.

Small changes to skin care and simply knowing when and how to pamper yourself can have huge improving effects and it takes minimum effort to give them a try.

Begin With Skin
Begin with skincare, and make choices with more nautral ingredients. Simply choosing a Handmade Soap from our range that is suitable for your skin type, it will help your skin to recover more quickly from the cold weather because we choose natural ingredients we trust to make a difference. It's a big skincare secret that cleansers are often the most effect and least expensive way to improve your skin any time of year.

More oily complexions suffer from over productive, over active sebum, and if this is a problem try calming, and soothing your skin well as removing excess oils. A soap that has a Lemon or Lime essential oil base will be healing as well as cleansing because of it's anti- bacterial properties, look for a good mix to balance and reduce oil while gently soothing, such as Lemon and Rose or Lavender and Lime.
Remember to eat more healthily wherever possible to feed your skin essential vitamins and hydrate with 8 glasses of water a day to help your skin improve from the inside.

Dry skin needs a winter wake up call, pamper it with rich Coconut oil or Shea butter soap for daily protection, but exfoliate at least once a week with a soap which has Poppy Seeds or some other kind of safe exfoliation. Dry skin often needs stimulation to re-texture and extra help to refresh and renew with younger skin cells containing more elastin.
Also try a daily face massage to improve skin conditon and circulation with small circular movements of the finger tips from the temples to the neck area.

It Pays To Pamper
The next improvement is pamper yourself once a week with a Bath Bomb, they're easy to use and allow active skin care to take place while you enjoy a little time to relax. These fun, effervessent balls saturate your bath with natural improving and moisturising ingredients and botanicals, while the warm water opens the pores more fully for healthier skin.
A Lavender Bath Bomb is excellent before bed for a good night's sleep, natural rose petals can soothe skin, and any Corn Silk or Cocoa butter is wonderful for improving skin texture.
If you have more physical concerns like aches and pains, use Aromatherapy Bath Salts to soak in a fuller blend of essential oils designed for specific treatments.

Improving your environment is probably the easiest way to overcome those grey winter days. Fragrance your home with uplifting aromas such as Coconut and Lime Verbena or our Relaxation fragrance with some Soy wax Melts.
If you want to illuminate your environment and chase away the grey skies, try scented candles with a fragrance that is actually healthy such as our Flu Away which has a strong blend of menthol, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, Tea Tree, sweet orange, lemongrass and basil to keep germs at bay.
A little brightness can lead to a big improvement in your spirits and overall wellbeing until spring perks you up again..

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