Eco Soy Information

The Eco Soy Wax we use for our Candles and Melts has many amazing advantages over other waxes, here are some of the Eco Soy facts and benefits.

  • Candles made from Soy are healthier and cleaner than standard wax candles which release soot and paraffin toxins into your room.

  • Our Eco Candles are made from an environmentally friendly, renewable natural wax resource. The Soy wax we use is a natural vegetable wax made from a sustainable source

  • They hold fragrance better because Soy is a softer wax which melts more quickly at a lower temerature allowing the fragrance to fully release into your room

  • They burn longer, 50%+ longer than paraffin candles, meaning more candle and fragrancing for your money.

  • Easier to clean, when your beautiful Eco Soy Candles are finished simply rinse with warm water. It's Non Toxic so you can reuse any jar or glass in whatever way you wish

  • For cleaning our Fragrant Wax Melts, just allow to cool and slide out any residue wax before wiping or rinsing with warm water.

  • Because Soy wax is more molten when it burns, as it cools again it reforms into a perfect looking candle. No more ugly warped candles.

  • Absolutely Vegetarian and Vegan friendly

For instructions on how to use Eco Soy candles visit Candle Safety.

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